Trees that count

Growth Maintenance is pleased to announce its financial support to Trees That Count.

19 Trees planted

In seeking to reduce maintenance spends on commercial property we are sometimes removing trees that are poorly positioned relative to their species and incurring regular maintenance spends in the way of size maintenance and or property damage costs. As someone who for many years contract planted large trees for Auckland City Council and who is environment conscious I have been seeking a way to give back and bring balance where we sometimes take away.

Please see our constantly updated counter of trees funded and planted so far. We will be purchasing trees for all removals of any note.

Growth Maintenance will soon also be challenging our clients to match our funding levels, with the aim of planting two trees for every removal. At just $10 per planted tree, a positive net gain is an exciting and achievable goal.

I have been happy to find and start funding a great organisation called Trees That Count who provide receipted funding of trees from the nursery to in the ground at existing revegetation projects.

Mike Power

Managing Director | Maintenance Specialist

Mike Power is your first point of contact at Growth Maintenance and will ensure you and your clients are always in the loop regarding the status of your job. Mike's background is in large scale audited contract work. He brings this knowledge and experience to the private sector.

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