Get to Know the Growth Maintenance Team: Experts You Can Trust

At Growth Maintenance, we're a passionate group of arborists, grounds maintenance professionals, and environmental enthusiasts dedicated to creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces in Auckland.

Let's meet the dedicated individuals who will transform your landscape!

Our team

Co-Owner, Growth Maintenance

Mike is your first point of contact at Growth Maintenance. He’ll make sure you’re always in the loop regarding the status of your job. Mike has a background in large scale audited contract work and he brings this knowledge and experience to the private sector.

Co-Owner, Growth Maintenance

Our operations manager on the van teams! Nic is a former DOC weed control officer, and used to dealing with things on a per hectare basis, so your job won’t trouble him in the slightest. Nic has a semi-autonomous role dealing with all things ground level whilst also bringing his excellent job management skills to the table.

Our Valuable Staff

Staff, Growth Maintenance

Tom is an established elite level climbing arborist. He’s very tall, so he’s almost half way up when he starts!

Staff, Growth Maintenance

Our Mr. Reliable. Zane is a climbing arborist and crew leader, currently working on his team management and job delivery expertise. Zane has superb everyday skills around any hedge and tree issue.

Staff, Growth Maintenance

John is a foreman in the ground crew and garden maintenance team, who hasn't looked back since transitioning from his previous role as a motor technician foreman. John enjoys delivering quality sites and ensuring clients are super happy with the results!

Staff, Growth Maintenance

Maia is an exceptional worker, bringing a high level of fitness, muscle and a great attitude.

Staff, Growth Maintenance

Mr. Positive, Sam is a welcome addition to any site. He enjoys working outside and getting the work done to an incredibly high standard.

Staff, Growth Maintenance

Our apprentice arborist Mana has a superb work ethic and endlessly positive attitude. Super fit and a friendly addition to any site.

We have more than 10 years of experiences
We use professional and experienced person
Emergency Services

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The Machinery

In the machinery roll call we have…

A Bandit XP12, a 14.5x17 inch American chipper known to be the most productive and reliable in this size. It’s towed by a custom built Isuzu 5 tonne tip truck with an alloy chip bin for weight reduction.

The extremely useful 9m3 custom tip trailer, with drop down sides and a load platform, as well as brakes to both axles and load equalising suspension for safety.

A 70 series Toyota Land Cruiser. The last word in small vehicle towing capacity, ability and reliability. Keeping up with heavy load removal out of Auckland’s steep tight driveways.

An Avant 528 mini loader which is great help carrying heavy tree parts to the chipper, shifting bulk mulch into new garden builds and has a hammer mower for those waist high lawns.

And Nic’s versatile vans, giving us economy of operation on all those small jobs as well as the big nasty overgrown lawns and such. Complemented now with a 5m3 single axle high sided tip trailer.